Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nona's Food Delivery?

We are a service that allows you to get food delivered from the best restaurants in Lake Nona and surrounding areas! Place your order with our service and we will make all the arrangements for the restaurant to prepare it and for us to deliver it!

Its that simple!

How do I order?

The easiest way to order is right on this website! or download our friendly App available for Apple and Samsung @nonasfooddelivery

How much does it cost?

Restaurant Partners - There is an order minimum of $20, depending on your location. Food prices are the same as if you dine in the restaurant partners. There is an extra cost besides the tip of your bill you provide the driver plus service fees.

Non-Restaurant Partners - There is an order minimum of $20, depending on your location. Orders from Restaurants which have not yet agreed to partner with us. There is an extra cost besides the tip of your bill you provide the driver plus service fees.

Disclaimer: By ordering through our website or app you are authorizing NONA PICK UP AND DELIVERY LLC or Nona's Food Delivery to make arrangements by placing your order with the restaurant for pick up, and deliver your order to you. We are providing this service to you and acting as your pick-up agent. The prices are adjusted to supplement this services.

Please report any discrepancies outside of these guidelines to us so we can make the correction. We charge a delivery fee and the fee is calcutaled from the restaurant to your place. The delivery fee covers the entire order, no matter how big or small. Because we work with so many restaurants, we receive price changes on a daily basis. Prices are subject to change at any time.

What hours are you open?

Monday - Thursday 

Friday - Saturday

11:00 AM-9:00 PM

11:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Can I place and advanced order?

Advance orders are welcome! Make sure your group orders are placed on advance for the restaurant to have enough time to prepare your meal, either for Lunch or Dinner.

Can I order alcoholic beverages?

Yes, Drink Responsibly / *21 Years Old or Older* Show ID upon delivery must match customer's name and over 21***MUST PURCHASE A MEAL TO PURCHASE ALCOHOL

Can I cancel my order?


Your order will be sent to the restaurant for preparation as soon as a driver is available to go pick it up. This is immediately. We will not send your order to the restaurant before this time because we want your order to be hot and fresh, rather than prepared and getting cold while we wait for a driver to become available. We recommend to review your order before submitting since orders can NOT be cancelled or reimbursed. In the case a restaurant is not able to fulfill your order, the driver will offer substitution options.

Do you sell drinks?

Some of restaurant menus include drinks.

Should I tip the driver?

If your driver is friendly and courteous, please remember that he or she earns a living by your appreciation of their efforts. Tip is between 15% - 18% on regular orders and 13% tip on catered orders, we ask for gratuity is customary for all orders. You are welcome to give an extra tip for drivers if you think they deserve it because of their hard work!

How may I pay?

Due to COVID-19 we do not accept cash. All orders are NON-CONCTACT We accept all Debit cards, and mayor credit cards such as American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

Personal checks are no longer accepted. Corporate checks can be accepted with prior approval.

House accounts can be setup for business accounts. Call us at 321 310-0724 and ask for a manager if you'd like to setup an account.

How long does it take to receive my food?

We do our best to get your order dispatched as quickly as possible, usually within 35 - 50 minutes. Please take into consideration that restaurant preparation time, weather and traffic may affect us from time to time. We gladly accept timed orders hours or days in advanced to help ensure your desired delivery time.

What is your delivery area?

The drivers deliver to all Lake Nona 32832, 32827, 32824, 32822, 34771, 34774 Additionally, they will go further out of our delivery area, for orders over $200. Delivery drivers are self-employed and have the right to turn down any order for any reason. We do our best to keep the delivery area map on the site updated to that effect.

We will deliver your order to the exact address submitted, we encourage our customers to review their order before submitting

Do you offer printer-friendly versions of the menus?

You can check all menus at

Why is there an extra charge on my credit card?

We do not charge your credit card twice, but depending on your card-issuing bank, it may temporarily appear as if we do. When you place an order and pay by credit card, we run an authorization only transaction against your credit card for the order total and tip is included. This amount is not a charge. It's just to hold the funds before we dispatch your order to the restaurant. The amount that you enter on the credit card slip is the only amount that will be charged. The original authorization will automatically fall off, sometimes immediately, or sometimes days later, depending on your bank's policy.

Note: When placing an order, you're hiring the services of a self-employed professional delivery driver. Drivers provide their own equipment, set their own hours and make their own business decisions. Nona's Food Delivery is a marketing and brokering service that markets restaurants and brokers orders to only the most qualified drivers, easy identified wearing a purple t-shirt with our logo.

Thank you for supporting our business by choosing Nona's Food Delivery!